Gallipolis, Ohio is a small community that is in transition. Though rural Appalachia has often been a place of poverty and struggle, it is also inherently beautiful and full of creative, hard-working people. We want to be the church that reaches these individuals and reminds them of the God who created them and loves them. Our ministry intersects with poverty, hunger, family dysfunction, substance use disorders, various trauma, toxic religious baggage, social justice issues, illness and death. 

But we also participate in weddings, births, raising new generations, promotions, spiritual growth, breaking bad habits, overcoming addiction, experiencing healing, reconciliation, food and housing ministries, and trauma-informed care methods. We want to be a church capable of serving God's children in our area. While honoring our historic roots as a non-denominational Christian Church, GCC seeks to meet those previously stated needs however possible. Our goal is to be a reflection of the diversity and beauty in our local town and to give hope to all who are desperate for God to heal the world around us.

Gallipolis Christian Church is comprised of many different people from all different walks of life. Our DNA as a congregation is a bit eclectic and always adapting as people of various faith backgrounds and life circumstances join us in community. We take pride in the fact that our kids and youth programs thrive just like our adult programs. Our congregation is not only welcoming to anyone and everyone, but more importantly, we strive to build deeper relationships than simply shaking hands on a Sunday morning. Don't you desire something deeper? Come participate, and stop merely observing!

The church in the New Testament was a family that lived out their faith together, encouraging one another, praying for one another, and keeping each other accountable. A church needs every unique person offering his or her gifts and talents to achieve God's purpose. Help us make that happen at GCC, so that we can be a blessing to those around us in our community.