Church Staff

We are so glad that you have visited this website, and we hope that you will come meet us in person. Gallipolis Christian Church is a welcoming place where anyone and everyone is invited to come encounter God! 

  • Joe Bowers - LEAD Minister

    Joe was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. A graduate of Johnson University in Knoxville, Tennessee with a Bachelor's degree in Preaching and Church Leadership with a dual major in the Bible and a Master's degree in New Testament studies, he is currently a Doctor of Ministry candidate in seminary. Assuming the role of preaching ministry and church leadership, Joe shares the Gospel in ways that form disciples who can then train more disciples. His interests are paddle boarding, playing music, and spending time with his family. Joe and his wife, Kyli (see below), have three children (Ada Kay, Mirabelle Louise, and Hudson William) who bless their lives everyday! They are excited to strengthen the faith of believers at Gallipolis Christian Church and to share the hope of Christ with many others in the surrounding area!  

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  • Kyli Bowers - Children's Minister

    Kyli was raised in Greentown, Indiana and went on to study children's ministry at Johnson University in Knoxville, Tennessee. Following her graduation with a Bachelor's degree in Preschool Directing and Children's Ministry, she now leads the Gallipolis Christian Church in ministry to children from birth through 5th grade. Her passions include teaching children the Bible, sharing God's love for them, playing many different sports, and spending time with her children: Ada Kay, Mirabelle Louise, and Hudson William. She is married to Joe Bowers (see above)! Kyli hopes to make an impact for Christ in the lives of young people in Gallipolis!  Email Kyli

Meet our Leadership Teams

Our church leadership is comprised of some pretty unique people from throughout our community who volunteer to help make this local church serve its purpose. We have a motto: "We will work extremely hard, but we will laugh even harder." It's easy to get caught up in the distractions of life, but we as leaders hope to set the example for Christian joy, especially as we serve God and our local church. Each of us consider GCC to be our extended family and our second home. Thank you for letting us serve in ministry as Overseers and Deacons!


Current Overseers: Neal Collins, Scott Janey, Doug Langhorne


Current Deacons: Ron Caudill, Josh Eddy, Jamie Eggers


Current Deacons: Irah Jarrell, Bryan Roe, Mike Roe